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  November 17th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

More media on Wednesday’s C2C Innovation Institute Gala (see below) has emerged with a video transcript of Meryl’s speech to her friend William McDonough and an interview she gave to Fresh Dialogues. The first thing that strikes you about Meryl Streep is her grace and poise. She glided into the throng of green designers and architects gathered at the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute Gala in San Francisco this week, completely unruffled by the crush of fans; the flash of smart phones; and the fierce security guards.

Yet instantly, like a chameleon, Streep can switch from serene queen of the movies to cozy confidante. I found myself standing next to her and shook her hand. As you know, she’s renowned for her authentic accents in every exotic role she’s played, so I asked her, “Can you do a good Scottish accent?” She immediately leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I love the way they say murdererrrr!” Rolling those r’s as only a lass from Scotland – or Meryl Streep – can do. Then she laughed with that infectious burst of effervescence. Now that would make even The Iron Lady melt a wee bit. But enough trivia. The best part is, I found her later that evening and she agreed to a Fresh Dialogues interview. We had a lively conversation about her green design guru and close friend William McDonough; and why she’s become an activist for the environment. Enjoy her hilarious tribute to McDonough and check out the highlights of her interview over at Fresh Dialogues.

  • Manuel

    I work in sustainability issues, and life cycle approaches show, IMO, the real bright and seductive (though not easy!) alternative path to our overconsumerist societies. So I’m, of course, delighted to know that Ms Streep lends her voice to such an event (along with Susan Sarandon whose presence didn’t surprise me, in a way). I find this far more uplifting than her “us girls” talk for Hilary Clinton.