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National Women’s History Museum

The contributions and accomplishments by women for the most part have been overlooked and consequently omitted from mainstream culture. The National Women’s History Museum will help fill that void. Rather than rewriting current exhibitions at other history museums or having to decide what to omit elsewhere to “fit in” women’s history, the NWHM will serve to place women’s history along side current historical exhibitions. Women’s history isn’t meant to rewrite history. The objective is to promote scholarship and expand our knowledge of American history.

Meryl Streep became the Museum’s national spokesperson after President and CEO Joan Wages wrote her a letter. “She is immensely kind and thoughtful,” Wages said. “She just gets the importance of a museum like this that will honor women and show that they have contributed to the building of this nation in ways that they have not, to this date, been given credit.” Meryl annually hosts the museum’s “The de Pizan Honors” gala, where, each year, NWHM pays tribute posthumously to selected women with an award in their name presented to a contemporary counterpart. At the 2009 event, Meryl donated $1 million to the cause. She has also participated in numerous high profile events for the Museum, including “Shine On” at Radio City Music Hall for two consecutive years.