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Chronology: 1988

In another off-beat choice for a role, Meryl Streep reunited with director Fred Schepisi for the real-life story of Lindy Chamberlain, an Australian woman accused and convicted of murdering her baby daughter and the infant went missing during a camping trip. Ms. Chamberlains claim that a dingo, an Australian wild dog, fetched the baby from their tent, was met with disbelief and led to her lifelong imprisonment in 1982. The filming attracted quite a media attention in Australia, especially because new evidence was found in 1987 which led to Ms. Chamberlain’s exoneration. It gave Schepisi’s film an even more current feel with additional scenes being added. Meryl Streep received rave reviews for her performance. She won Australia’s equivalent of the Academy Award, the AFI Award and was awarded the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival. In the United States, she received another Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination for her performance.

November 11, 1988