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An Evening of Conversation with Jane Pauley and Meryl Streep

November 12, 2010 | Indiana University Auditorium

The Colloquium for Women of Indiana University welcomed Meryl Streep and Jane Pauley, joined by about 3,700 guests, at Indiana University Auditorium for “An Evening of Conversation” The mission of the Colloquium is to honor women connected with Indiana University. Pauley, an Indianapolis native, graduated from IU in 1972 with a degree in political science. A distinguished journalist and news anchor, Pauley was co-host of NBC’s “Today Show” for 13 years and co-host of “Dateline NBC” for 12 years. Streep’s Hoosier connection is through her husband, Don Gummer, a sculptor who studied at the IU-Purdue University Indianapolis Herron School of Art in the ’60s. “Interest in this special event, which brought together an Oscar and Golden Globe winning actress and one of the best interviewers alive today, was tremendous and we know that many more people wanted to attend,” said Doug Booher, director of IU Auditorium. “We are grateful that Meryl Streep and Jane Pauley have agreed to allow us to share this program with more people.”

In a fantastic and often-funny conversation, Pauley and Streep not only dished on their careers, but on their paths from university, what drew them to their professions, being mothers while working – and how Meryl ended up marrying a “Hoosier”, Don Gummer who studied at Indiana University and the Yale Art School.

I did hear about him, because word got around the Drama School that Sigourney Weaver had found the only straight guy. And she was currently dating him and you could go look at him at the Art and Architecture School, so we all went over and looked. And he was pretty cute.