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Academy Awards MakeUp & Hairstylists Symposium

February 25, 2012 | Los Angeles, USA

Hosted by makeup arists and hairstylists branch govenor Leonard Engelman, Oscar Week’s culminating public event celebrates the achievement of the nominees in the Makeup category. This year’s nominees discussed their creative processes and present film clips, photographs and models of their work. On February 25, 2012, Roy J. Helland and Mark Coulier participated in the Q&A, which was also attended by Meryl Streep.

Roy Helland has been working with Meryl Streep as her hair and makeup man ever since “Sophie’s Choice”. Since then, he has been responsible for all the iconic looks that Meryl has sported on screen for the past 30 plus years. Streep and Helland remember previously working with prosthetics and old-age makeup used for “Out of Africa” and “The Bridges of Madison”, and, as Streep remarked, “I had a lot of crap in my face for the movie where I turned my head around.” Both also praise Mark Coulier, who joined Helland in London for creating Meryl’s look in “The Iron Lady”. The trio has a fair share of laughs over behind the scenes pictures shown from the making of “The Iron Lady”. By the end of the week of this symposium, Helland and Coulier took the Oscar’s stage to accept the Academy Award for Best Makeup.