Year 1980
December 1980
In Search of The French Lieutenant's Woman
October 1980
Down in Dorset with The French Lieutenant's Woman
August 25, 1980
Streep in Dorset: Eyes aimed like a rifle
August 06, 1980
Is Meryl on her way to another Oscar?
July 20, 1980
Streep at work
Meryl Streep el regreso de la mujer a la pantalla
June 1980
Meryl Streep zal haar overleden minnaar nooit vergeten
June 1980
Meryl Streep: Reluctant Star
June 1980
Meryl Streep: More of a Woman
May/June 1980
Meryl Streep: Photoplay's Star of the Month
May 1980
Reportaje: Meryl Streep
May 01, 1980
Meryl Streep: Ganadora del Oscar
April 28, 1980
The crossed fingers worked, but then Meryl her Oscar in the john
April 28, 1980
Oscar-80 a grande vitoria de Kramer vs. Kramer
April 28, 1980
Newsmakers: Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep
April 26, 1980
Cinco Los Kramer Tuvieron Familia: Oscar
April 26, 1980
Mejor pelicula, "Kramer contra Kramer"
April 12, 1980
Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep in London
April 11, 1980
In the Oscar derby it's Kramer vs. Kramer
April 05, 1980
Kramer vs. Kramer pai tem amor de mae?
April 1980
Meryl, Dustin e Robert ont truste les Oscars grace a un petit garcon
April 1980
Streep's Ahead
April 1980
Asi es Mrs. Kramer: Meryl Streep
April 1980
The Royal film: Kramer vs. Kramer
April 1980
The year's hit movie hits home
March 23, 1980
Meryl Streep: Mujer, sobre todo mujer
March 21, 1980
How sudden screen stardom ambushed Meryl Streep
March 21, 1980
Thoroughly Modern Meryl
March 06, 1980
Meryl Streep: I don't want to be a superstar
March 1980
Meryl Streep, l'anti star des beaux quartiers
March/April 1980
Emotioneel spel in perfect opgeboude film
Meryl Streep el descubrimiento de una actriz formidable
March 1980
Cool superstar Meryl Streep: Suddenly she's Hollywood's hottest property
Meryl Streep
March 1980
Kramer mod Kramer
February 23, 1980
Dustin Hoffman Mi Disse: "Ciao Bambola"
February 19, 1980
Kramer vs. Kramer foca problema
February 16, 1980
Pour l'amour de Billy le talent de Meryl
February 07, 1980
Hoffman vs. Hoffman
February 07, 1980
No headline available
February 1980
Kramer contro Kramer
January 31, 1980
Meryl Streep: La Marilyn de la nariz ganchuda
January 27, 1980
Rosto Comportado no cinema da nova década
January 18, 1980
Streep vs. Streep
January 13, 1980
Manhattan: Woody Allen e o encanto (desencantado) do amor à vida
January 1980
Asi gana los Oscar la mujer del teniente frances
Meryl Streep
January 1980
A Star for the '80s
January 1980
Hoffman, Streep sparkle in ultimate custody fight
January 1980
Movies: Kramer vs. Kramer
January 1980
Kramer vs. Kramer: Madonna, Child and Mensch