Year 1982
December 21, 1982
Queen of the Cinema juggles the royal rush
December 20, 1982
Streep is great in "Sophie's Choice", but she's virtually the whole movie
December 20, 1982
The Sorrow and the Evil
December 13, 1982
Still of the Night
December 12, 1982
Meryl Streep, Jessica Lange are best of a new breed of actresses
December 1982
Meryl Streep Talks about "Sophie's Choice", Acting & Other Things
November 29, 1982
Dead of Night
November 29, 1982
Borrowed personalities
November 06, 1982
A Síndrome Nuclear
November 14, 1982
Meryl Streep: Looking Good
November 1982
Still of the Night
November 1982
A Chic Romantic Thriller: Still of the Night
November 1982
Prisoners of the Past
September 1982
Talking with Meryl Streep
May 22, 1982
Meryl Streep: "De Cameraman Houdt Van Me"
May 1982
Meryl Streep: Ser Famosa Es Muy Duro
May 1982
Meryl Streep, decepcionada por no haber logrado el "Oscar"...
May 1982
The Mystique of Meryl Streep
April 02, 1982
Meryl Streep kan werkelijk alles
March 27, 1982
Meryl Streep: Uma estrella para os anos 80
March 22, 1982
El estilo Meryl Streep, "Para seducir, basta la personalidad"
March 08, 1982
Meryl Streep: Le label star
Meryl Streep: Meilleure actrice de l'anee
March 1982
Sneak Peek: Stab
March 1982
Meryl Streep: La Volonte D'Etre Star
March 1982
Meryl Streep dans La Maitresse Du Lieutenant Francais
February 20, 1982
Meryl Streep steps back as the tributes pour in
February 1982
Le Desir Triangulaire
February 1982
Die Geliebte des französischen Leutnants
February 1982
Meryl Streep und ihre Rollen