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Premieres & Screenings

Chicago press junket

December 06, 1983

Los Angeles premiere

December 12, 1983

New York Screening

December 1983
Conversation Panels
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Press Junkets
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Radio Interviews
WGN Radio
Broadcase: December 06, 1983
Meryl Streep was interviewed on WGN Radio during the promotional tour for "Silkwood" in Chicago.
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Talkshow Appearances
A.M. Chicago
Airdate: December 07, 1983
Meryl Streep was interviewed on A.M. Chicago during the promotional tour for "Silkwood" in Chicago.
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Articles & Interviews
   Marquee Magazine - A Conversation with a Natural Actress (Canada, December 1983)
   The Chicago Sun-Times - Interview with Meryl Streep (United States, December 1983)
   The Chicago Tribune - A joyful time for Mama Meryl... except for one thing (United States, December 11, 1983)
   American Film Magazine - In Search of Silkwood (United States, December 1983)
   The Movie Magazine - Exclusive Interview with Meryl Streep (United States, Winter 1983)
   Caras - El caso de la actriz que se niega a ser estrella (Italy, February 1984)
   Veronica - Meryl Streep weigert zich als een ster te gedragen (Netherlands, February 1984)
   Cinema Films & Video - Silkwood (Netherlands, February 1984)
   People Magazine - Silkwood's Real Life Characters (United States, February 1984)
   American Cinematographer - Silkwood (United States, February 1984)
   Time Out - Karen Silkwood: The First Nuclear Martyr (USA, April 05, 1984)
   France Soir - Meryl Streep: L'oublilee des Oscars (France, April 14, 1984)
   TR7 Magazin - Ein Star liebt heisse Rollen (Germany, April 23, 1984)
   Cinema - Silkwood (Germany, April 1984)
   Ladies' Home Journal - Meryl Streep: Why I've taken a year off for motherhood (United States, April 1984)
   Time Out - Karen Silkwood: The First Nuclear Martyr (United States, April 05, 1984)
   The Observer - The Karen Silkwood File (United Kingdom, April 1984)
   Hola - La actriz mas premiada y mimada de todo Hollywood (Spain, April 1984)
   Nous Deux - Je ne ressemble pas a mes roles (France, May 1984)
   Sorrisi Canzoni TV - Silkwood (Italy, May 1984)
   Photoplay - Meryl Streep as the controversial Silkwood (United Kingdom, May 1984)
   Photoplay Magazine - Meryl Streep as the controversial Silkwood (United States, May 1984)
   Cine Revue - Meryl Streep: Les femmes ne sont pas des objects scandale! (France, June 07, 1984)
   Buenhogar Magazine - Meryl Streep: "Porque se lleva los mejores papeles" (Central America, December 1984)
Awards Ceremonies
49th New York Film Critics Circle Awards (1984)
January 29, 1984
"Silkwood" ranked in third place as Best Film. Meryl Streep ranked in 3rd place as Best Actress. Cher was runner-up for Best Supporting Actress.
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56th Annual Academy Awards (1980)
April 09, 1984
Nominated for 5 awards: Best Director, Actress in a Leading Role, Actress in a Supporting Role, Film Editing and Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.