An American Daughter

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Venue: Seattle Repertory Theater
Directed by: Wendy Wasserstein
Written by: Wendy Wasserstein
Production Dates: May 31, 1996 - June 02, 1996

The second collaboration between Meryl and Wendy Wasserstein since the television taping of Wasserstein's play "Uncommon Women... and Others". "An American Daughter" was first performed as a reading at the Lincoln Center in 1996 with Meryl Streep reading the part of Lyssa. Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes seems to have it all, a loving husband, smart kids, a lovely home, a politically prominent father, a highly successful career and now a nomination to become U.S. Surgeon General. However, in Wendy Wasserstein’s play, Lyssa suddenly becomes the center of a national controversy.

Cast & Characters
Meryl Streep (Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes), Julianne Moore (Quincy Quince), Alan Arkin (Walter)