Stage Productions
Meryl Streep's rise on the stage is as incomparable as her success on film. Starting at the Vassar Drama Department, Meryl won early praise for her performance in "Miss Julie". She made her off-Broadway debut in "The Playboy of Seville" and joined the Yale Repertory Theatre with performances in "Edward II", "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Happy End". And that was all before her professional stage career won praises in New York, thanks to a fruitful collaboration with Joseph Papp's Public Theater (including a Tony nomination for "27 Wagons full of Cotton") . Her involvement with the Public Theater lasted over thirty years to her most recent stage productions in "The Seagull" and "Mother Courage and her Children". Below you will find a list of her theatrical credits with additional information, reviews and pictures.

2006 Mother Courage Mother Courage The Public Theater
2001 The Seagull Irina Arkadina The Public Theater
1980 Alice in Concert Alice The Public Theater
1979 Taken in Marriage Andrea Chandler The Newman Theater
1978 The Taming of the Shrew Kate The Delacorte Theater
1977 Happy End Lt. Lillian Holiday Broadway, Martin Beck Theatre
1976 Measure for Measure Isabella Vivian Beaumont Theatre
1976 Secret Service Edith Varney The Playhouse Theater
1976 The Cherry Orchard Dunjasha Vivian Beaumont Theatre
1976 Henry V Katherine The Delacorte Theater
1976 A Memory of two Mondays Patricia The Phoenix Theater
1976 27 Wagons Full of Cotton Flora Meighan The Phoenix Theater
1975 Trelawny of the Wells Imogen Parrot Vivian Beaumont Theater

1975 A Midsummer Night's Dream Helena Yale Repertory Theatre
1975 The Shaft of Love Jean Yale Repertory Theatre
1975 The Father Bertha Yale Repertory Theatre
1975 Happy End Lt. Lillian Holiday Yale Repertory Theatre
1974 The Idiots Karamazov Constance Garnett Yale Repertory Theatre
1974 The Possessed Lizaveta Nikolaevna Yale Repertory Theatre
1974 Aristopahne's The Frogs Cast & Chorus Yale Repertory Theatre
1973/74 Edward II Queen Isabella Yale Repertory Theatre
1973/74 The Balcony - Yale Repertory Theatre
1973/74 Cock-a-Doodle-Dandy - Yale Repertory Theatre
1972/73 Lower Depths - Yale Repertory Theatre
1972/73 Shearwater - Yale Repertory Theatre
1972/73 The Royal Pardon - Yale Repertory Theatre
1972/73 Major Barbara - Yale Repertory Theatre

1971 The Playboy of Seville Tisbea Cubiculo Theatre
1971 The London Merchant Sarah Millwood Vassar Drama Department
1970 The Miser Frosine Vassar Drama Department
1969 Miss Julie Miss Julie Vassar Drama Department

2012 Romeo and Juliet Juliet The Public Theater
2010 Speak Truth to Power Herself The Public Theater
2009 Courage in Concert Mother Courage The Public Theater
2006 The Public Sings Herself The Public Theater
2005 Theater of the New Ear Herself St. Ann's Warehouse and others
2002 42nd & Vine: Hollywood Hits Bway Herself Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York
2001 The World of Nick Adams Herself The Lincoln Center
1999 Undoing Depression Jane NW Center for Mental Health
1996 An American Daughter Lyssa Hughes Seattle Repertory Theater
1996 Necessary Targets J.S. Helen Hayes Theatre
1996 Honour Honour Vassar College
1978 Wonderland in Concert Alice The Public Theater