Productions in 2001
The Seagull
Original Release: August 12, 2001 - August 26, 2001
Theatre. Directed by Mike Nichols, performed at the Public Theater

Artificial Intelligence: A.I.
Original Release: June 29, 2001
Feature film by Steven Spielberg

The World of Nick Adams
Original Release: November 19, 2001
Benefit for Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camps

Clint Eastwood - Out of the Shadows
Original Release: November 20, 2001
Documentary by the American Masters series on Clint Eastwood

Finding the Truth: The Making of "Kramer vs. Kramer"
Original Release: January 01, 2001
Documentary on the making of Robert Benton's "Kramer vs. Kramer"

Death Dreams of Mourning: The Making of "Sophie's Choice"
Original Release: 2001
Documentary on the making of Alan J. Pakula's "Sophie's Choice"

Vermeer: Master of Light
Original Release: November 11, 2001
Documentary on the painter Vermeer and his work

Ginevra's Story
Original Release: September 21, 2001
Documentary on three paintings by Leonardo DaVinci

School: The Story of American Public Education
Original Release: September 03-04, 2001
Documentary about the USA's public education system