Lyme Disease: A Guide to Prevention

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Genre: Documentary (Narration)
Running Time: 60 minutes
Directed by: Mary Ann Shanahan
Distributor: Connecticut Public Television
Original Release: June 18, 1999

The format of the program follows the stories of a gardener, a golfer, and a grade school boy, all of whom became infected with the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi from the bite of a deer tick. The prevention message focuses on avoidance of tick-infested environments; the application of personal protection methods to prevent tick bites, such as use of repellents and proper clothing; and routine checking of oneself and other family members for ticks, coupled with proper tick removal.
Production Notes
The documentary demonstrates practical and successful methods for tick reduction and control, including management of vegetation, application of acaricides to vegetation and deer feeding stations, appropriate fencing to keep deer from property, and rodent control. Video footage is enhanced with digital video graphics, photographs, and field shots to bring the viewer a vivid sense of tick biology and the relationship to the viewer’s environment. The film also reviews early symptoms of Lyme disease, with an emphasis on prompt diagnosis and treatment. CPTV worked closely with DVBID to ensure that the material was current and scientifically accurate.