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Simply Streep Flipbook: Law & Order & Streep

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    Law & Order (1990-2010)
    For twenty years, "Law & Order" has been a institution on American television and an audience's favorite around the world. After "The Simspons", Dick Wolf's crime show is the longest running primetime series on tv. In its twenty seasons, many actors have made their mark as Sergeants, Detectives and District Attorneys. You'd be surprised to see how many have worked with Meryl Streep as well throughout their careers. The following list focuses on the main cast's connections to Meryl. See for yourself how many you could guess.

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    Sam Waterston
    Waterston joined "Law & Order" in its fifth season as Executive ADA, and later District Attorney, Jack McCoy. Staying with the show for 15 years, he remains among the series' most promising faces. He received three Emmy Award nominations for his performance - as well as an Academy Award nomination for "The Killing Fields" in 1985. Like most actors, Waterston got his start on the stage. In 1976, he worked with Meryl in Joseph Papp's Public Theater production of "Measure for Measure".

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    Michael Moriarty
    Emmy and Golden Globe winner Michael Moriarty portayed Executive Assistant District Attorney Benjamin Stone in the first four seasons of "Law & Order". He has worked with Meryl twice. First on the 1977 television film "The Deadliest Season" as professional ice-hockey player Gerry Miller who's responsible for the death of another player (Meryl made her tv-debut as his wife). The following year, they both worked on the mini-series "Holocaust" (although they did not share any scenes).

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    George Dzundza
    George Dzundza played Sergeant Max Greevey in the first season of "Law & Order". A familiar face to film audiences, the German-born Dzundza is best remembered for supporting performances in "No Way Out", "Basic Instinct" and "Dangerous Minds". In his motion picture debut - Michael Cimino's "The Deer Hunter" - he played the local bar owner John Welsh - his place being the last resort for the friends after Nick's funeral (pictured on the right).

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    Dianne Wiest
    In 2000, Wiest joined "Law & Order" as Interim District Attorney Nora Lewin. She was a regular cast member during the eleventh and twelfth season. Best known for her collaborations with Woody Allen - she won two Academy Awards for performances in "Hannah and her Sisters" and "Bullets over Broadway", her priority work remains on the stage. But before the Oscars and "Law & Order", Wiest played best friend to Meryl Streep's character Molly in 1984's "Falling in Love".

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    Steven Hill
    Another veteran actor of the "Law & Order" cast, Steven Hill played played District Attorney Adam Schiff in the first ten seasons of the show. He received two Emmy Award nominations for this performace, as well as seven Screen Actors Guild nominations as part of the "Law & Order" cast. In 1986, he played Meryl's unreliable father in Mike Nichols' drama "Heartburn".

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    Jerry Orbach
    Orbach starred on "Law & Order" for twelve years (1992-2004) and became one of the series' most popular characters. He also made guest appearances on the series' franchise shows - Special Victims Unit and Criminal Intent. Orbach posthumously won a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2005 for his memorable performance. For "Postcards from the Edge", Orbach filmed scenes with Meryl Streep, playing her biological father on a visit during her rehab. Unfortunately, their scenes were cut from the final film.

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    Benjamin Bratt
    Benjamin Bratt replaced Chris Noth's Detective Mike Logan on "Law & Order" in 1995, playing Detective Rey Curtis. In 1999, he was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his work on the series. A year before his breakthrough on the show, Bratt played a small but memorable part opposite Meryl in "The River Wild" as Ranger Johnny, who used to be babysat by Meryl's character (didn't help him survive the film :-)

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    J.K. Simmons
    Simmons played Dr. Emil Skoda on "Law & Order" (joining in season eight), "Special Victims Unit" and "Criminal Intent". Since then, he's had memorable performances in "Spider Man", "Juno", "Burn After Reading" and "Up in the Air". In 2007, he had a secret airport meeting with Meryl Streep's character in "Rendition", discussing their suspect's fate.

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    Paul Sorvino & Jesse L. Martin
    These "Law & Order" connections were harder to find, but set a nice ending to this list. Both Paul Sorvino (he played Sergeant Phil Cerreta in the second and third season) and Jesse L. Martin (who played Ed Green for almost ten years ) have both shared the stage with Meryl for benefit readings. Sorvino and Streep (shown on the top picture, left and right) lent their voices to The Public Theater's "Speak Truth To Power: Voices from Beyond the Dark" in 2010. And Martin was part of the 2012 benefit reading of "Romeo & Juliet".