Welcome to Simply Streep - The Meryl Streep Archives, your online web resource on the Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy award winning actress, celebrated for her performances on the big screen, the theatre and television. Providing a frequently updated fanbase since 1999, Simply Streep features all essential news and information on Miss Streep's work, with extensive archives of magazine scans and over 150.000 pictures and video clips.   Enjoy your stay and check back soon!
About the Site
This section features a bit of background information on the site’s history as well as its disclaimer on terms and use, copyrights and more
General Information
Simply Streep is created and maintained by Frederik, is an UNOFFICIAL website and not affiliated with Mrs. Streep herself or her agency in any way. The cause of Simply Streep is to represent her work in an accurate and up-to-date version for fans all over the world. Information and photos about her private life won’t be published on this website, as this topic shouldn’t be interesting to fans.
Site History
This site went online on Agust 09, 1999, after I started to collect information about Meryl Streep’s work and decided to start an online site about my favorite actress. First published in German, making this site also meant to teach myself a better English, when Simply Streep was totally translated to reach more people, which it did. With the help of fans from all over the world, Simply Streep became an ever-growing information source.
Copyright Information
Most of the images on this site were either scanned or capped by myself or by friends. Images, which were taken from other sites, incl. newswire sites for example, are the property of their creators and are only used in informational purpose. If any of those would like to receive credit, please inform me. If any of these copyright holders doesn’t approve their work being shown on these pages, also, please let me know and I will remove them. If possible, I name the source when I use a photo of another website. It takes a lot of time to scan images, cap screenshots and write texts to keep this site unique and full of the info a fan needs, so don’t take any images or text information of this site without permission. All information is correct to the best of my knowledge, but I make no guarantees, warranties or promises. If you found a mistake or something wrong, please contact me.