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Credits & Thanks
This section had to be extended with a couple of acknowledgements to those who've made this variety of content possible. My biggest thanks to those people who have sent me news, information or photos to keep this site always up to date. Simply Streep wouldn't be as complete as it is without you! I'm probably forgetting some, but those listed have to be thanked individually!

Alvaro for contributing probably more to this site than I ever did :-) He's been a constant help for years, getting the most rare magazines from around the world and sharing it with this site, and therefore with all of you. Also, always a help with recent television programs and material from the UK. The site would most certainly be not as complete as it is without his generous support! I seriously cannot thank him enough for his efforts.
Anke has been a supporter since Day 1, literally, and has been a great help ever since. She's been a dedicated contributor of rare magazines, award ceremonies and what ever came to her mind to contribute. Above all, always a good friend!
Claudia for always coming to the rescue. Your help is vastly appreciated. Also, Simona, Mycah, Andrea, Amelie, Mariana, Riikka, Erica, Jess and Maria, dedicated webmasters in their own rights, for constantly having an eye on Meryl material, scans and video clips. Very appreciated, always a delight!
Petra, my number one critic (and by critic, I really mean it!) regarding new ideas, layout drafts, a good friend and always helpful when there's something to contribute.
Frank for being always the first when it comes to news! Rona and Michael G., who got in touch with me some years ago for sharing part of their private collections of very rare talkshow appearance captures and scanning collections.
Myla, whose MSO has been an inspiration ever since I've first searched the web for Meryl Streep.
Last but not least, the Officials! It's always a surprise to get information, confirmations and promotional help from generous people working at movie studios, theaters, magazines and charities. Special thanks to Equality Now, American Film Institute (Todd), The Public Theater (Sam), St. Ann's Warehouse (Rebecca), The Royal Festival Hall (Stewart), UCLA Live (Abby), Universal Pictures (Sara) and Warner Bros. (Francisca).