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Don’t worry, this won’t forward you to a Paypal donation :-) When it comes to rare or hard-to-find material regarding Meryl’s work, it’s always a “sooner or later it will show up” or “someone must have this” situation. So for the latter, I decided to compile this list of material that I know about but wasn’t able to find yet to add it to my site. So my hope with this is that any fan or collector finds something that he has and is able to contribute, helping to make this archive on Meryl even more comprehensive. Every contribution, no matter how small, is highly appreciated and will be gladly credited. So have a look at the list, maybe there’s something you have in your collection.
The bad thing about talkshows or tv programs is, once they’re broadcast they’ll never be repeated, so its hard to catch up with them in case you don’t know of anybody who has recorded the actual broadcast. Below are talkshows appearances by Meryl that are known, this list is incomplete for sure.

- The Rosie O’Donnel Show two appearances March 11 1997 and on October 26 1999
- Late Night with David Letterman appearance on October 28 1999
- The View three appearances December 21 2004, August 04 2004 and on September 1998
- The Today Show two appearances on November 12, 1998 and on September 30, 1994
- CBS This Morning appearance on February 23 1996
- Good Morning America various appearances in the 1980s and 1990s
- Friday Night, Saturday Morning appearance on February 01 1980
- any other talkshows that I have no idea she ever attended :-)
Award Shows
Unfortunately it’s the same with award shows, speaking of one-time broadcasts. Fortunately though, most of her appearances could be collected so far since she barely attended any ceremonies in the 1980s, except for the Oscars, so here’s a list of remaining shows.
Specials and Documentaries
There are many documentaries that Meryl has narrated or hosted, plus plenty television programmes that reported on the making of her films or her charity work. An exception of known programmes is listed below, the complete list can be found here and here, so if media information on any project is missing, it’s probably no available so far :-)
A goal of Simply Streep is to offer as many article transcripts as possible – so visitors can read them at home or print them. If you’re fast at typing and secure with the English language, it would be a great help to make a transcript or two. Please let me know and I guide you to the remaining magazine articles. There are no specific articles I know of, and there are already hundreds of magazine scans posted in the Image Library, but I’m sure there’s been plenty more being published on Meryl. So if you own any magazines that feature Meryl, your help is appreciated!

I guess, if you’ve come to the end of this page you’ve already contributed with your interest :-) As said above, any contribution is highly appreciated – also if you know of any appearance or special that’s not listed on here but worth to search for. So if you can help, please don’t hestitate to drop me a line.