The Balcony

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Production dates: February 21-28, 1974
Venue: Yale Cabaret
Directed by: Adriana Lawrence
Literature: Jean Genet

In Genet's "The Balcony", most of the action takes place in an upmarket brothel in which its madam, Irma, casts, directs, and co-ordinates performances in a house of infinite mirrors and theaters. Genet uses this setting to explore roles of power in society; in the first few scenes patrons assume the roles of a bishop who forgives a penitent, a judge who punishes a thief, and a general who rides his horse. Meanwhile, a revolution is progressing outside in the city and the occupants of the brothel anxiously await the arrival of the Chief of Police.

Franchelle Dorn (Irma), Jaroslaw Strzemien (Chief of Police), Linda Atkinson (Carmen), Ralph Redpath (Arthur), Dan Desmond (Bishop), Robert Nersesian (Judge), Kenneth Ryan (General), Andy Davis (Tramp), Steven Nowicki (Envoy), Lizbeth Mackay (Penitent), Marcell Rosenblatt (Thief), Meryl Streep (Pony Girl), Lizbeth Mackay (Girl with Whip)