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Wonderland in Concert

December 29, 1978 (3 performances) | The Public Theater
Directed by: Joseph Papp | Literature: Elizabeth Swados | Music: Elizabeth Swados
Elizabeth Swados' adaptation of Lews Carroll's Alice stories was prepared for production in 1978 and planned to premiere in December at the New York Shakespeare Festival's off-Broadway Public Theater. However, the production was not ready to this date. Rather than postpone it indefinitely, producer Joseph Papp decided to give it three concert performances December 27-29. Swados' "Alice" production finally made it to the stage in December 1980, as "Alice in Concert", and was televised a year later for public broadcast, as "Alice at the Palace" the following year.
Cast: Meryl Streep (Alice), Karen Evans, Gloria Hodes, Rodney Hudson, Paul Kreppel, Joan MacIntosh, Jim McConaughty, William Parry, Joanna Peled
Sarasota Herald Tribune, January 1979
Music, orchestra and chorus in concert all were exceptional. But it took Meryl Streep, who impresses in everything she does, to bring Alice to life. In lavender bib overalls – the only attempt at costuming – and with her long fair hair swinging free, she creates Alice in her own image and it works beautifully. As she sings and talks, Alice’s fantasies, her bewilderment and occasional testiness, her logical mind in an upside-down world, all these make “Wonderland” come alive for both children and adults.

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