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Journeys of the Heart

2003 | Fetzer Institute | 20 minutes
Directed by: Chana Gazit
Meryl Streep narrates a look at the connections between the inner values of the spirit and the work we do in the outer world. Stories from three cities chronicle the activities of people and projects dedicated to making those connections. Through these stories we see the power of the spirit in action, with a focus on three areas: teachers, inner-city kids, and the law.

Production Notes

In Austin, Texas, two public school teachers, Yolanda Capuchino and Tom Hansen participating in the nationwide Courage To Teach program are learning to cope with their profession’s challenges and rekindle their passion for teaching. Across the country in Oakland, California, Macheo Payne, a young community worker and practitioner of meditation, dedicates his life to bringing inner healing to at-risk youth. With a boot-camp approach to finding spiritual connectedness, Payne is helping change the lives of troubled young people. Macheo’s spirit is renewed through a program called Sustaining the Soul that Serves. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, former State Supreme Court Justice, Janine Geske, has renewed her commitment to Healing and the Law by returning the profession to its origins when lawyers served as healers and peacemakers. As a professor of law at Marquette University and practitioner of “restorative justice,” Geske’s work reflects her spiritual beliefs and unifies her inner and outer life.

Journeys of the Heart was produced and directed by Chana Gazit, a longtime contributor to public television. Chana was one of the producers on Bill Moyers’ Healing and the Mind and has produced a range of films for the American Experience including the much heralded The Pill.

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