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AID Darfur

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Release date: November 30, 2006
Produced by: Aid Dafur
Running time: 1,5 minutes

In 2006, Tony Bennett and Meryl Streep launched a national television campaign to bring aid to war-torn Darfur. Streep and Bennett were appealing to Americans to donate to USA for U.N. Refugee Agency's relief effort, which provides food and shelter for the millions of people who have fled their homes since fighting broke out in the Sudanese region in 2003. U.N. aid workers have established 12 refugee camps, 33 women's shelters and 11 youth centers for those displaced by warfare in Darfur. One hundred percent of donations made to the Refugee Agency will go toward providing emergency relief to the victims.

80% percent of any refugee population is women and children. It’s true of Darfur. Most of the millions displaced inside Darfur are women and children. Across the border, 200.000 people are living in refugee camps. Many came with just their clothes on their backs. They were the lucky ones, they survived. The women and children in Darfur need our help. So please, go to UNrefugees.org and join the campaign to AID Darfur (Meryl Streep, 2006)

AID Darfur supports the UN Refugee Agency’s (UNHCR) life saving work with Darfur’s refugees. For over five years, The UN Refugee Agency has been at the forefront of bringing humanitarian aid and relief to the hundreds of thousands of people uprooted by the conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region. In one of the world’s worst refugee crises, security concerns and massive logistic obstacles persist, yet UNHCR staff continues battling the elements to help the displaced. Across the border within strife-torn Darfur, Sudan, UNHCR is providing protection and community services not only for those internally displaced, but also victims of the violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DAR) and Central African Republic (CAR). At least 2.7 million Sudanese have been forced from their homes and thousands of refugees from the DAR and CAR have crossed the border to escape the crises in their own homelands. Despite the dire security situation, UNHCR is providing live-saving assistance to thousands of victims while developing women and youth centers to address protection, social and legal issues. For women, these centers will also address health needs and provide support to victims of sexual violence.