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Video Archive: Angels in America

  • Duration: 218 minutes   |   Viewed 3428 times
    Hanna (Meryl Streep) receives a surprise visit by her son (Patrick Wilson) while volunteering at the Mormon Center.

  • Duration: 1:47 minutes   |   Viewed 3514 times
    Roy Cohn (Al Pacino) is visited by the ghost of Ethel Rosenberg (Meryl Streep) in his apartment.

  • Duration: 2:16 minutes   |   Viewed 3182 times
    Joe Pitt (Patrick Wilson) calls his mother Hanna (Meryl Streep) at night to tell her of his homosexuality.

  • Duration: 1:35 minutes   |   Viewed 3332 times
    Rabbi Chemelwitz (Meryl Streep) speaks at the funeral of Louis' (Ben Shenkman) grandmother.

  • Duration: 3:38 minutes   |   Viewed 2667 times
    Promotional featurette for the television premiere of "Angels in America", including interviews with Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson

  • Duration: 1:01 minutes   |   Viewed 2839 times
    Television trailer for "Angels in America", directed by Mike Nichols and starring Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson