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Video Archive: into the woods

  • Duration: 10:06 minutes   |   Viewed 2981 times
    March 05, 2015. Press conference with Meryl Streep in Tokyo to promote the theatrical release of "Into the Woods".

  • Duration: 5:59 minutes   |   Viewed 2912 times
    March 04, 2015. Report on the Tokyo screening and Q&A for "Into the Woods".

  • Duration: 1:33 minutes   |   Viewed 2995 times
    March 04, 2015. Report on the Tokyo premiere for "Into the Woods", including an interview with Meryl Streep.

  • Duration: 1:06:20 minutes   |   Viewed 3068 times
    January 07, 2015. The cast and crew of "Into the Woods" participates in a press conference for the film during its London promotional tour.

  • Duration: 1:57 minutes   |   Viewed 2909 times
    December 18, 2014. The cast of "Into the Woods" gathered at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater for an All Guild Q&A about the film.

  • Duration: 11:25 minutes   |   Viewed 2869 times
    December 08, 2014. Q&A with Rob Marshall, Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, James Lapine, Dion Beebe and Wyatt Smith.

  • Duration: 2:07 minutes   |   Viewed 3076 times
    November 23, 2014. New York press conference for "Into the Woods" with Marc Platt, John Deluca, Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski and Tracey Ullman.

  • Duration: 20:49 minutes   |   Viewed 2968 times
    November 22, 2014. Live stream Q&A with Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, Tracey Ullman, Christine Baranski, James Lapine and Rob Marshall.

  • Duration: 2:14 minutes   |   Viewed 2909 times
    The Last Midnight: The Witch (Meryl Streep) meets her fate after trying to sacrifice Jack to the giant.

  • Duration: 2:53 minutes   |   Viewed 3689 times
    Stay with Me: The Witch (Meryl Streep) tries to tell Rapunzel (Mackenzie Mauzy) about her love and care.

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