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Video Archive: television

  • Duration: 01:33 minutes   |   Viewed 2474 times
    After Anna (Blanche Baker) has been attacked on the street, Inga (Meryl Streep) visits her doctor and trusts on his opinion.

  • Duration: 01:33 minutes   |   Viewed 2592 times
    At a family dinner, Inga (Meryl Streep) tries to get more information about Karl's situation from Muller (Tony Haygarth), much to her parent's dismay.

  • Duration: 2:49 minutes   |   Viewed 3454 times
    Inga (Meryl Streep) collides with her mother when Karl (James Woods) is deported by the police

  • Duration: 1:26 minutes   |   Viewed 2602 times
    This is the first scene from the 1977 television production of the Phoenix Theatre's "Secret Service". Meryl Streep is seen in her television debut, alongside John Lithgow, Mary-Beth Hurt, Joe Grifasi and Jeffrey Jones

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