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Video Archive: Year 1981

  • Duration: 17:18 minutes   |   Viewed 1399 times
    Meryl Streep narrates a video on the launch and aim of the Peace Development Fund (PDF) in 1981.

  • Duration: 50:00 minutes   |   Viewed 2991 times
    A look behind the scenes of the 1978 Shakespeare in the Park performance of "The Taming of the Shrew", featuring interviews with Raul Julia and Meryl Streep.

  • Duration: 5:17 minutes   |   Viewed 2816 times
    December 05, 1981. Richard Chamberlain, Donald Sutherland and Meryl Streep pay tribute to Lilian Gish at the 1981 Kennedy Center Honors

  • Duration: 3:50 minutes   |   Viewed 4471 times
    October 14, 1981. Meryl Streep attends the British talkshow of Michael Parkinson to promote the theatrical release of "The French Lieutenant's Woman" in the United Kingdom.

  • Duration: 6:10 minutes   |   Viewed 3311 times
    September 28, 1981. Gene Shalit interviews Meryl Streep for the theatrical release of "The French Lieutenant's Woman".

  • Duration: 2:40 minutes   |   Viewed 3300 times
    June 08, 1981. Meryl Streep presents the Regional Theatre Award at the 35th Tony Awards.

  • Duration: 03:12 minutes   |   Viewed 3016 times
    Charles (Jeremy Irons) realizes that he was Sarah's (Meryl Streep) first sexual partner, and declares that he will leave his wife and come back for her.

  • Duration: 04:31 minutes   |   Viewed 2590 times
    Anna (Meryl Streep) recounts to Charles (Jeremy Irons) how she acquired her shameful reputation.

  • Duration: 2:17 minutes   |   Viewed 2691 times
    Mike (Jeremy Irons) and Anna (Meryl Streep) rehearse a scene in which their characters meet again.

  • Duration: 2:08 minutes   |   Viewed 2644 times
    Charles (Jeremy Irons) and Sarah (Meryl Streep) see each other for the first time at the stormy sea wall.

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