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Video Archive: Year 1982

  • Duration: 02:33 minutes   |   Viewed 3318 times
    Sophie (Meryl Streep) shows Commandant Hoess (Gunther Maria Halmer) her father's papers regarding the final solution and asks for dismissal.

  • Duration: 02:11 minutes   |   Viewed 3184 times
    Sophie (Meryl Streep) confesses that her father was a Nazi sympathizer.

  • Duration: 02:39 minutes   |   Viewed 3063 times
    A manic Nathan (Kevin Kline) presses Sophie (Meryl Streep) if it was her anti-Semitism that got her through the Holocaust alive.

  • Duration: 02:23 minutes   |   Viewed 3161 times
    Sophie (Meryl Streep) opens up to Stingo (Peter MacNichol) about her attempted suicide after being imprisoned in Auschwitz.

  • Duration: 02:30 minutes   |   Viewed 3026 times
    Stingo (Peter MacNicol) meets his new Brooklyn neighbors, a Polish immigrant, Sophie (Meryl Streep) and her lover, Nathan (Kevin Kline).

  • Duration: 03:02 minutes   |   Viewed 3214 times
    When Sam (Roy Scheider) gets stuck while working through George's dream, Brooke (Meryl Streep) helps him with the missing piece.

  • Duration: 02:38 minutes   |   Viewed 3116 times
    Sam (Roy Scheider) bids arbitrarily on a painting in order to send Brooke (Meryl Streep) a note warning her that the police have their eye on her.

  • Duration: 02:42 minutes   |   Viewed 3014 times
    Brooke (Meryl Streep) confesses that she was relieved when she found out George was dead.

  • Duration: 2:48 minutes   |   Viewed 3021 times
    Meryl Streep talks to Jim Ferguson to promote the theatrical release of "Sophie's Choice" in the United States.

  • Duration: 9:25 minutes   |   Viewed 3194 times
    Interview to promote the theatrical release of "Sophie''s Choice" in New York, December 1982.

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