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Video Archive: Year 1986

  • Duration: 0:30 minutes   |   Viewed 1497 times
    Meryl Streep is featured in a public service announcement for Amnesty International.

  • Duration: 00:36 minutes   |   Viewed 648 times
    March 04, 1986. Excerpt from the Film86 programme featuring an interview with Meryl Streep to promote the release of "Out of Africa".

  • Duration: 00:08 minutes   |   Viewed 3518 times
    March 24, 1986. Meryl Streep is interviewed on the red carpet at the 58th Annual Academy Awards as a Best Actress nominee for "Out of Africa".

  • Duration: 5:26 minutes   |   Viewed 3475 times
    March 24, 1986. Meryl Streep was nominated as Best Actress for "Out of Africa" alongside Anne Bancroft, Jessica Lange and Whoopi Goldberg. The Oscar went to Geraldine Page.

  • Duration: 1:06 minutes   |   Viewed 4036 times
    March 11, 1986. Meryl Streep won two People's Choice Awards - Favorite Motion Picture Actress and Favorite Female Entertainer, for "Out Of Africa".

  • Duration: 1:02 minutes   |   Viewed 13 times
    March 01, 1986. Meryl Streep was nominated as Best Actress for "Out of Africa" alongside Anne Bancroft, Whoopie Golberg and Kathleen Turner. The award went to Cher for "Mask".

  • Duration: 2:31 minutes   |   Viewed 2531 times
    Rachel (Meryl Streep) is asked a question that she can't help but answer and is forced to make a decision.

  • Duration: 02:41 minutes   |   Viewed 2709 times
    Rachel (Meryl Streep) confronts Mark (Jack Nicholson) about his affair.

  • Duration: 02:41 minutes   |   Viewed 2907 times
    A barbeque with friends falls short when Rachel's (Meryl Streep) first baby is on its way.

  • Duration: 02:43 minutes   |   Viewed 2883 times
    Rachel (Meryl Streep) and Mark (Jack Nicholson) agree that they don't believe in marriage...sort of.

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