Moral Obligation

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Release date: October 20 - October 22, 1970
Venue: The Dartmouth Experimental Theatre
Directed by: Mark J. Bradley
Literature: Meri Golden

On an exchange program, she spent a term at Dartmouth, studying costume design (she is an adept artist), play writing (she wrote funny feminist dramas), and dance, and then returned to graduate from Vassar. During her time at Dartmouth, Meryl participated in the annual Eleanor Frost Student-Written One Act Play Competition with performances in "Moral Obligation" and "The Killer Ape". Those were the only theatrical performances during her time in Dartmouth, altough, during a visit to the college in 2000, she mentioned that she auditioned for the lone female role in the mainstage production that fall but lost out to a friend of hers.

David Carroll (Paul), Meryl Streep (Alice), Paul Jackson (Harry), Joanne Gross (Rita), Richard Bangs (Alfie)