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Career > > 1975 > A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

May 09, 1975 | Yale Repertory Theatre
Directed by: Alvin Epstein | Literature: William Shakespeare | Costume Design: Zack Brown | Set Design: Tom Straiges
Hermia (Kate McGregor-Stewart) is in love with Lysander (Peter Schifter) but are forbidden to marry. Together they set off into the enchanted wood to live together in happiness. Unknown to them, the couple is followed by Demetrius (Stephen Rowe) who loves Hermia. Demtrius in turn is followed by Helena (Meryl Streep) for she is in love with him. Their adventures are compounded by the inhabitants of the wood. Oberon (Christopher Lloyd) and Titania (Carmen de Lavallade), the King and Queen of the Faeries, helped by Oberon's servant Puck (Linda Atkinson), cast the lovers into turmoil through their magic and their own jealousies.
Cast: Jeremy Geidt (Thesus), Franchelle Stewart Dorn (Hippolyta), Robert Nersesian (Philostrate), Ralph Drischell (Egeus), Kate McGregor-Stewart (Hermia), Stephen Rowe (Demetrius), Peter Schifter (Lysander), Meryl Streep (Helena), Jerome Dempsey (Peter Quince), Charles Levin (Nick Bottom), Joe Grifasi (Francis Flute), Frederic Warriner (Robin Starveling), Paul Schierhorn (Tom Snout), Ralph Redpath (Snug), Linda Atkinson (Puck), Joseph Capone (Moth), Lizbeth Mackay (Peaseblossom), John Rothman (Cobweb), Michael Lassell (Mustardseed), Christopher Lloyd (Oberon), Carmen de Lavallade (Titania), Danny Brustein, Brian Drutman, Evan Drutman, Chris Erikson (Fairies)

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