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July 31, 1975 | Eugene O’Neill Theater Center
Directed by: Tony Giordano | Written by: Arthur Ballet (dramaturg) | Literature: Martin Sherman
California, 1973. Rick, a musician and dancer, is shot dead. Was it Gideon, his drug-happy co-performer? Maggie, his older lover, an actress? Roberta, Rick's transsexual bodyguard? Or one of the other oddball guests? As Rick's friends investigate one...
Cast: Ben Masters (Rick), Joe Grifasi (Sammy), Rosemary De Angelis (Nadine), Meryl Streep (Jade), Ed Zang (Clay), Christopher Lloyd (Gideon), Jill André (Maggie), Louis Giambalvo (Roberta), Jill Eikenberry (Irene)

Meryl Streep recalled her time at the National Playwrights Conference in the book “The O’Neill: The Transformation of Modern American Theater: “That summer the process was so condensed that I learned a sort of invaluable swiftness of decision making, out of necessity. The “choices” could not be labored over, and that, for certain types of thinking actors, is a gift of exigency. You had to, like your fifth-grade teacher said, in multiple-choice questions, just go with your first instinct, don’t worry it to death. That’s what actors did at the O’Neill, and with full-blown commitment. Like jumping off the platform onto the swinging trapeze… don’t hesitate. It’s a good lesson. One I’ve carried with me my whole life”.

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