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The Lunch Girls

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Production dates: March 21, 1977
Venue: Long Wharf Theatre
Directed by: John Tillinger
Literature: Leigh Curran

The 'lunch girls' are waitresses in an all male key club in 1969. Each is a fascinating individual who copes with the fundamental problem of becoming her own woman while being a male fantasy figure. The first and third acts take place in the locker room of the key club where the girls change in and out of their scanty costumes, deepen friendships and compete for the best customers. In the second act, the scene shifts to the kitchen. The girls whisk in and out placing and picking up orders while interacting with a chef who plays favorites and struggling to remain sexually applealing while carrying heavy trays in spike heels. By the end of the play Clare has woken up to the insanity that has become her life and is able to move on.

Carol Androsky, Octavio Ciano, Leigh Curran, Edward Herrmann, Marybeth Hurth, Dorothy Lyman, Roberta Maxwell, Ellen Sandler, Terrence Sherman, Meryl Streep

The Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, CT, staged a reading of Leigh Curran’s original play ahead of its world premiere on November 17, 1977.