Hot Dogs and Soda Pop

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Release date: March 23, 1980
Directed by: Jack Hausiss
Written by: Thomas Babe
Produced by: Howard Gelman
Running time: 58 minutes

Exclusively written by Thomas Babe for NPR's "Earplay" radio series, this drama focuses on the relationships and tensions that develop within a baseball team in the midst of a pennant race. Boots, the club's manager, has a confrontational attitude that generates a great deal of hostility but also inspires his players to win. Other characters include Willy, the team's leading hitter, and Chance, the aging star pitcher with a few great games left in him.

Robert Christian (Franklin), Jeffrey DeMunn (Willy), Vincent Gardenia (Boots), Joe Grifasi (Frank), Mike Kellen (Lefty), John Lithgow (Larry), James Naughton (Chance), Meryl Streep (Nancy)