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Rings of Passion: Five Emotions in World Art

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Release date: October 04, 1998
Directed by: J. Carter Brown
Produced by: PBS Television, Ovation - The Art Network
Running time: 60 minutes

In a nation and a world beset by increasing divisiveness, can the arts provide, as the Olympics have, a way to bring people together? J. Carter Brown, for twenty-three years director of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, leads the viewer through the process of bringing together world masterpieces representing over one hundred countries and all major religions, cultures, and continents through five millennia, combining them in an innovative way with similarly diverse examples of world music and with literary excerpts read by Meryl Streep.

Based on the blockbuster exhibition that was the centerpiece of the Cultural Olympiad of the Centennial Olympic Games, with footage documenting the drama of bringing objects thought to be unlendable to Atlanta from all over the world, Brown leads us in experiencing through the arts five fundamental human emotions: Love, Anguish, Awe, Triumph and Joy. Explore, understand and appreciate art, music and literature from around the world with this unique site. Submit questions to National Gallery Director Emeritus J. Carter Brown and other curators, gather details about your favorite works of art, and learn how to trust your emotional reactions to art.