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Philadelphia Chickens

Ocotber 14, 2002 | Rounder Kids | 48 minutes
| Written by: Sandra Boynton
Sandra Boynton puts a fresh cast of singing, dancing critters center stage-from the titular boogying chickens to a tail-wagging "snuggle puppy"-in Philadelphia Chickens, a book-and-CD package billed as an "imaginary musical revue." The first 32 pages contain lyrics and illustrations, the second half of the book includes musical notation and additional lyrics for each song. An all-star cast, including Meryl Streep, Laura Linney, Eric Stoltz and the Bacon Brothers, headlines the musical recording, which features a variety of original show tunes penned by Boynton and composed by Boynton and frequent collaborator Michael Ford.
Cast: Aaaardvarks, Beth Andrien, The Bacon Brothers, Scott Bakula, Darcy Boynton, Keith Boynton, Adam Bryant, Michael Ford, Laura Linney, Caitlin McEwan, Patti LuPone, Kevin Kline, Natasha Richardson, John Stey, Eric Stoltz, Meryl Streep, The Heath Sisters, The Seldom Herd
01   Cows – The Seldom Herd
02   Nobody Understands Me – Meryl Streep
03   Philadelphia Chickens – The Bacon Brothers
04   Be Like A Duck – Keith Boynton
05   Please, Can I Keep it – Laura Linney
06   Snuggle Puppy – Eric Stoltz
07   I Like To Fuss – Patti LuPone
08   Snoozers – The Bacon Brothers
09   Faraway Cookies – Caitlin McEwan
10   The Intermission Song! – Aaaardvarks
11   Fifteen Animals – John Stey
12   Belly Button (Round) – The Heath Sisters
13   BusyBusyBusy – Kevin Kline
14   Those Dinosaur Blues – Michael Ford
15   Dinosaur, Dinosaur – Darcy Boynton
16   Jump Rope Jive – Beth Andrien
17   Pig Island – Scott Bakula
18   Pajama Time – Adam Bryant
19   Silly Lullaby – Natasha Richardson

20   Philadelphia Chickens (instrumental reprise)

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