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Career > > 2003 > The John Cheever Audio Collection

The John Cheever Audio Collection

June 17, 2003 | Caedmon Records
| Literature: John Cheever
This remarkable treat for lovers of audio books is as tastefully and elegantly packaged as it is performed by a first-class lineup of narrators. The tone is set by Benjamin Cheever, who reads his father's preface to The Stories of John Cheever. The 12 selections here are culled from that landmark volume, and, while there is bound to be disappointment that one story or another was not selected, there is nothing disappointing about any of the readings offered here. In fact, they are exceptional, from Meryl Streep's portrayal of marital tension and denial in "The Enormous Radio" to Peter Gallagher's take on "O Youth and Beauty!" and Blythe Danner's tone for the pathetically sad ending of "The Chaste Clarissa." The inclusion of Cheever's readings makes for a deeply personal, resonant finale to a truly superb production.
Cast: John Cheever, Meryl Streep, Edward Herrmann, Blythe Danner, George Plimpton, Peter Gallagher
01   The Enormous Radio – Meryl Streep
02   The Five-Forty-Eight – Edward Herrmann
03   O City of Broken Dreams – Blythe Danner
04   Christmas is a Sad Season for the Poor – George Plimpton
05   The Season of Divorce – Edward Herrmann
06   The Brigadier and the Golf Widow – Peter Gallagher
07   The Sorrows of Gin – Meryl Streep
08   O Youth and Beauty! – Peter Gallagher
09   The Chaste Clarissa – Blythe Danner
10   The Jewels of the Cabots – George Plimpton
11   The Death of Justina – John Cheever
12   The Swimmer – John Cheever
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