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  • Duration: 0:51 minutes   |   Viewed 2874 times
    September 1998. Excerpt from the Toronto International Film Festival's press conference for "One True Thing", where Meryl Streep spoke about the lack of good roles for women in their 40s.

  • Duration: 2:03 minutes   |   Viewed 2757 times
    September 24, 1998. Meryl Streep, Sophie Thompson, Noel Pearson along with Brian Friel attended a Glenties screening for "Dancing at Lughnasa".

  • Duration: 2:17 minutes   |   Viewed 2334 times
    June 15, 1995. Footage from the press conference for "The Bridges of Madison County" and a special screening of "Sophie's Choice".

  • Duration: 0:20 minutes   |   Viewed 4191 times
    May 31, 1995. Meryl Streep is interviewed at the Hollywood premiere of "The Bridges of Madison County".

  • Duration: 1:06 minutes   |   Viewed 2632 times
    September 25, 1994. Curtis Hanson and Meryl Streep are interviewed at the Los Angeles premiere for "The River Wild".

  • Duration: 1:31 minutes   |   Viewed 2524 times
    September 25, 1994. Meryl Streep leaves her hand and footprints at the Manns Chinese Theatre.

  • Duration: 2:18 minutes   |   Viewed 2886 times
    March 11, 1990. Meryl Streep is interviewed in the press room after winning two People's Choice Awards as Favorite Motion Picture Actress and Favorite Female Entertainer.

  • Duration: 1:58 minutes   |   Viewed 3134 times
    April 11, 1983. Meryl Streep is interviewed in the press room at the Academy Awards after winning the Oscar for "Sophie's Choice".

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