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Video Archive: talkshow

  • Duration: 38:31 minutes   |   Viewed 4385 times
    December 09, 1996. Actors Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep promote "Marvin's Room" and talk about their previous collaborations in "The Deer Hunter" and "Falling in Love".

  • Duration: 31:28 minutes   |   Viewed 6117 times
    August 21, 1993. Bruna Lombardi interviews Meryl Streeep about her life and career on the Brasilian talkshow Gente de Expressao.

  • Duration: 0:30 minutes   |   Viewed 4090 times
    September 1990. Meryl Streep is accompanied by daughters Mamie and Grace at a taping of "Good Morning America".

  • Duration: 5:48 minutes   |   Viewed 1490 times
    December 24, 1985. Meryl Streep is interviewed by Maria Shriver on CBS Morning News to promote the theatrical release of "Out of Africa" in the United States.

  • Duration: 0:20 minutes   |   Viewed 624 times
    January 30, 1983. Excerpt of Meryl Streep interviewed by David Hartman on Good Morning America to promote the theatrical release of "Sophie's Choice".

  • Duration: 3:50 minutes   |   Viewed 5670 times
    October 14, 1981. Meryl Streep attends the British talkshow of Michael Parkinson to promote the theatrical release of "The French Lieutenant's Woman" in the United Kingdom.

  • Duration: 6:10 minutes   |   Viewed 3989 times
    September 28, 1981. Gene Shalit interviews Meryl Streep for the theatrical release of "The French Lieutenant's Woman".

  • Duration: 2:45 minutes   |   Viewed 3883 times
    Today profile on Meryl Streep with an interview with Gene Shalit, which was conducted in 1979 for the theatricl release of "Kramer vs. Kramer".

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