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Video Archive: television

  • Duration: 0:43 minutes   |   Viewed 3560 times
    September 04, 1992. An adaption of the British TV series, this documentary chronicles the lives of sixteen economically, racially & socially diverse 7-year olds living throughout America.

  • Duration: 25:47 minutes   |   Viewed 3690 times
    February 28, 1991. Voices That Care is a 1991 song written by David Foster, Linda Thompson and Peter Cetera and recorded by a supergroup of actors, athletes and musicians.

  • Duration: 42:52 minutes   |   Viewed 3943 times
    October 07, 1990. Meryl Streep hosts the ten-part PBS series "Race to Save the Planet".

  • Duration: 6:20 minutes   |   Viewed 5226 times
    September 13, 1990. Meryl Streep speaks at the Mothers & Others benefit concert and is joined by Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Olivia Newton John, Lily Tomlin and Robin Williams.

  • Duration: 4:58 minutes   |   Viewed 3936 times
    April 22, 1990. Meryl Streep and Kevin Costner appear in ABC Television's "The Earth Day Special" to raise awareness about the need to recycle.

  • Duration: 8:23 minutes   |   Viewed 5665 times
    December 01, 1989. Report on Premiere Magazine's cover story film "She-Devil" with a look behind the scenes and interviews with Susan Seidelman, Roseanne and Meryl Streep.

  • Duration: 40:55 minutes   |   Viewed 6903 times
    March 16, 1983. Meryl Streep is interviews by Iain Johnstone at London's National Film Theatre about her career and the current release of "Sophie's Choice".

  • Duration: 5:17 minutes   |   Viewed 4213 times
    December 05, 1981. Richard Chamberlain, Donald Sutherland and Meryl Streep pay tribute to Lilian Gish at the 1981 Kennedy Center Honors

  • Duration: 50:00 minutes   |   Viewed 4215 times
    A look behind the scenes of the 1978 Shakespeare in the Park performance of "The Taming of the Shrew", featuring interviews with Raul Julia and Meryl Streep.

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