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Video Archive: the iron lady

  • Duration: 11:50 minutes   |   Viewed 3103 times
    February 14, 2012. Compilation of news reports on Meryl Streep's appearance at the Berlin Film Festival's premiere of "The Iron Lady".

  • Duration: 8:30 minutes   |   Viewed 4740 times
    January 04, 2012. Compilation of news reports on the London premiere of "The Iron Lady", featuring interviews with Meryl Streep.

  • Duration: 45:33 minutes   |   Viewed 2478 times
    December 06, 2011. Meryl Streep and Phyllida Lloyd participate in a Q&A with Scott Feinberg after a screening of "The Iron Lady" at the DGA Theater.

  • Duration: 5:01 minutes   |   Viewed 3668 times
    January 19, 2012. Meryl Streep is interviewed to promote the theatrical release of "The Iron Lady" in the United States.

  • Duration: 2:22 minutes   |   Viewed 3263 times
    At a cabinet meeting, Margaret (Meryl Streep) roars at the male colleagues who come in less prepared than she did.

  • Duration: 2:06 minutes   |   Viewed 3114 times
    Margaret Thatcher (Meryl Streep) flexes her muscles in a meeting over the Falkland Islands.

  • Duration: 1:36 minutes   |   Viewed 3082 times
    Margaret (Meryl Streep) talks to her doctor about the chances and changes in life.

  • Duration: 0:48 minutes   |   Viewed 3138 times
    Dennis (Jim Broadbent) criticises Margaret's (Meryl Streep) idea to run for Prime Minister.

  • Duration: 0:45 minutes   |   Viewed 3126 times
    Margaret Thatcher (Meryl Streep) speaks in the cabinet and tries to teach the ministers a valuable lesson.

  • Duration: 24:05 minutes   |   Viewed 2803 times
    Compilation of press junket interviews with Meryl Streep to promote the theatrical release of "The Iron Lady" in the United Kingdom.

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