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Video Archive: Year 1984

  • Duration: 6:09 minutes   |   Viewed 1373 times
    Excerpt from the compilation video of Meryl Streep's narration of "The Velveteen Rabbit".

  • Duration: 3:47 minutes   |   Viewed 1588 times
    This compilation documentary covers the massive anti-nuclear peace march held in New York City on June 12, 1982. Narrated by Meryl Streep.

  • Duration: 2:17 minutes   |   Viewed 1511 times
    Narrated by Meryl Streep, "Power Struggle" examines the problems posed by America’s continuing reliance on conventional energy sources.

  • Duration: 00:09 minutes   |   Viewed 3379 times
    April 09, 1984. Meryl Streep is interviewed on the red carpet at the 56th Annual Academy Awards as a Best Actress nominee for "Silkwood".

  • Duration: 4:04 minutes   |   Viewed 3412 times
    Compilation of Golden Globe Awards where Meryl was nominated for her work on film and television, but didn't attend the ceremony. Ranges from 1984 and "Silkwood" to 1998 and "First Do No Harm".

  • Duration: 7:38 minutes   |   Viewed 3437 times
    April 09, 1984. Meryl was nominated as Best Actress for "Silkwood" alongside Jane Alexander, Julie Walters and Debra Winger. The Oscar went to Shirley MacLaine.

  • Duration: 1:24 minutes   |   Viewed 3407 times
    March 15, 1984. Meryl Streep won Favorite Motion Picture Actress. She accepted the award on the set of "Falling in Love".

  • Duration: 2:12 minutes   |   Viewed 3251 times
    1984. Meryl Streep was nominated as Best Actress for "Sophie's Choice" alongside Phyllis Logan and Jessica Lange. The BAFTA went to Julie Walters.

  • Duration: 01:15 minutes   |   Viewed 2612 times
    Molly (Meryl Streep) talks with her friend Isabelle (Dianne Wiest) about her blossoming friendship with Frank.

  • Duration: 01:17 minutes   |   Viewed 2666 times
    Frank (Robert De Niro) and Molly (Meryl Streep) talk about their lives on their first date.

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