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Video Archive: Year 1999

  • Duration: 01:58 minutes   |   Viewed 3997 times
    September 01, 1999. CNN Entertainment News interviews Meryl Streep for the theatrical release of "Music of the Heart" in the United States.

  • Duration: 07:34 minutes   |   Viewed 3161 times
    1999. Meryl Streep talks about working with Wes Craven on the series "The Directors". Scenes from the making of "Music of the Heart" are shown.

  • Duration: 02:27 minutes   |   Viewed 4070 times
    June 06, 1999. French report on the theatrical release of "One True Thing" in France, including an interview with Meryl Streep.

  • Duration: 0:15 minutes   |   Viewed 3098 times
    March 21, 1999. Short scene from the Pro Sieben Academy Awards arrivals and from Joan Rivers' Oscar show.

  • Duration: 4:19 minutes   |   Viewed 4325 times
    March 21, 1999. Meryl Streep was nominated as Best Actress for "One True Thing" alongside Cate Blanchett, Fernanda Montenegro and Emily Watson. The Oscar went to Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • Duration: 00:08 minutes   |   Viewed 4899 times
    January 24, 1999. Meryl Streep is interviewed by Entertainment Tonight at the 56th Golden Globe Awards and is seen greeting Meg Ryan on the red carpet.

  • Duration: 2:38 minutes   |   Viewed 5069 times
    January 24, 1999. Meryl Streep was nominated as Best Actress in a Drama for "One True Thing" alongside Fernanda Montenegro, Susan Sarandon and Emily Watson. The Golden Globe went to Cate Blanchett.

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