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Video Archive: Year 2002

  • Duration: 25:24 minutes   |   Viewed 1704 times
    A 30-minute film featuring three dramatic case studies of how individuals in India, Slovakia and Kenya have contributed to solving local environmental problems.
  • Duration: 8:56 minutes   |   Viewed 1468 times
    Meryl Streep hosts a pubic service announcement for The Grace Foundation.
  • Duration: 1:10 minutes   |   Viewed 2143 times
    2002. Meryl Streep speaks at the 10th Anniversary Gala for "Equality Now".
  • Duration: 0:25 minutes   |   Viewed 4348 times
    February 01, 2002. Meryl Streep talks about co-star Kevin Bacon and "The River Wild" in this documentary by the Biography Channel.
  • Duration: 1:33 minutes   |   Viewed 3595 times
    March 17, 2002. Unforgettable scenes from some of the most celebrated films of all time highlight this captivating two-hour show. Meryl Streep hosts a vibrant chronicle of the cinematic history of New York City.
  • Duration: 21:02 minutes   |   Viewed 3232 times
    December 04, 2002. Meryl Streep, Nicolas Cage, and Chris Cooper talk to Charlie Rose about their film "Adaptation."
  • Duration: 40:28 minutes   |   Viewed 3549 times
    November 08, 2002. Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman talk to Oprah Winfrey for the theatrical release of "The Hours".
  • Duration: 2:42 minutes   |   Viewed 2810 times
    Clarissa (Meryl Streep) visits Richard (Ed Harris) to take him to the party she's throwing him.
  • Duration: 02:40 minutes   |   Viewed 2983 times
    Clarissa (Meryl Streep) shares with Julia (Claire Danes) her dissatisfaction with her present life and reflects upon a moment of happiness in her youth.
  • Duration: 02:40 minutes   |   Viewed 2628 times
    Richard (Ed Harris) and Clarissa (Meryl Streep) discuss how his condition has affected her life.

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