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Video Archive: Year 2005

  • Duration: 1:35 minutes   |   Viewed 1836 times
    Trailer for "Hurricane on the Bayou", both a documentary of Hurricane Katrina's effects and a call to restore Louisiana's wetlands, rebuild New Orleans, and honor the culture of the city.

  • Duration: 2:34 minutes   |   Viewed 1784 times
    Narrated by Meryl Streep, "Stolen Childhoods" features stories of child laborers around the world, told in their own words.

  • Duration: 7:23 minutes   |   Viewed 5149 times
    February 23, 2005. Meryl Streep talks about co-star Bruce Willis, "Death Becomes Her" and Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in this documentary by the Biography Channel.

  • Duration: 05:24 minutes   |   Viewed 3294 times
    October 27, 2005. Meryl Streep talks to Katie Couric on the Today Show to promote the theatrical release of "Prime".

  • Duration: 05:50 minutes   |   Viewed 3574 times
    October 07, 2005. Uma Thurman sits down with Meryl Streep for a chat on their film "Prime".

  • Duration: 10:44 minutes   |   Viewed 4325 times
    October 07, 2005. Meryl Streep promotes "Prime" and plays an "accent game" with Ellen DeGeneres.

  • Duration: 2:11 minutes   |   Viewed 3380 times
    Meryl Streep was nominated as Best Supporting Actress for "The Manchurian Candidate".

  • Duration: 1:37 minutes   |   Viewed 3979 times
    Meryl Streep was nominated as Best Supporting Actress for "The Manchurian Candidate" alongside Cate Blanchett, Laura Linney and Virginia Madsen. The Globe went to Natalie Portman. Later, she presented the award for Best Motion Picture made for Television.

  • Duration: 2:08 minutes   |   Viewed 2817 times
    Rafi (Uma Thurman) and Lisa (Meryl Streep) meet for the first time again after a family dinner and have a conversation.

  • Duration: 2:07 minutes   |   Viewed 2864 times
    While visiting a shop to look for furnitures, Lisa (Meryl Streep) runs into Dave (Bryan Greenberg) and Rafi (Uma Thurman) and tries to hide.

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