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Video Archive: Year 2005

  • Duration: 1:35 minutes   |   Viewed 2381 times
    Trailer for "Hurricane on the Bayou", both a documentary of Hurricane Katrina's effects and a call to restore Louisiana's wetlands, rebuild New Orleans, and honor the culture of the city.

  • Duration: 2:34 minutes   |   Viewed 2310 times
    Narrated by Meryl Streep, "Stolen Childhoods" features stories of child laborers around the world, told in their own words.

  • Duration: 2:08 minutes   |   Viewed 3583 times
    Rafi (Uma Thurman) and Lisa (Meryl Streep) meet for the first time again after a family dinner and have a conversation.

  • Duration: 2:07 minutes   |   Viewed 3586 times
    While visiting a shop to look for furnitures, Lisa (Meryl Streep) runs into Dave (Bryan Greenberg) and Rafi (Uma Thurman) and tries to hide.

  • Duration: 2:06 minutes   |   Viewed 3484 times
    Dr. Lisa Metzger (Meryl Streep) finds out that the young man her patient Rafi (Uma Thurman) is dating, is in fact her son.

  • Duration: 1:44 minutes   |   Viewed 2055 times
    Selection of scenes that were cut from the final version of "Prime"

  •   |   Viewed 2483 times
    Promotional featurette for the theatrical release of "Prime" in the United States

  • Duration: 4:18 minutes   |   Viewed 2475 times
    Making Of for "Prime", including interviews with Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, Bryan Greenberg and director Ben Younger

  • Duration: 7:39 minutes   |   Viewed 3484 times
    Interview with Meryl Streep to promote the theatrical release of "Prime" in the United States

  • Duration: 5:28 minutes   |   Viewed 3444 times
    Interviews with Uma Thurmand and Meryl Streep to promote the theatrical release of "Prime" in the United States

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