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Video Archive: Year 2006

  • Duration: 2:23 minutes   |   Viewed 5524 times
    Theatrical trailer for "The Ant Bully", featuring the voices of Julia Roberts, Nicholas Cage, Meryl Streep and Paul Giamatti.

  • Duration: 1:44 minutes   |   Viewed 3202 times
    2006. Meryl Streep speaks at the "On the Road with Equality Now" Gala in New York City.

  • Duration: 1:58 minutes   |   Viewed 3192 times
    May 2006. Excerpt from the conversation panel of the Coolidge Award with Meryl Streep and Susan Orlean.

  • Duration: 2:42 minutes   |   Viewed 3752 times
    When Miranda (Meryl Streep) tells Andy (Anne Hathaway) that she is like her, Andy walks away and happily tosses her mobile phone into a fountain.

  • Duration: 3:57 minutes   |   Viewed 3767 times
    At her hotel room, Andy (Anne Hathaway) discovers the private side of Miranda (Meryl Streep).

  • Duration: 2:18 minutes   |   Viewed 3707 times
    Miranda (Meryl Streep) sets Andy (Anne Hathaway) straight when she laughs at their debate over two seemingly similar belts.

  • Duration: 2:22 minutes   |   Viewed 3789 times
    Andy (Anne Hathaway) interviews to be Miranda's (Meryl Streep) assistant and despite everything going against her, makes an impression.

  • Duration: 2:35 minutes   |   Viewed 3994 times
    Andy (Anne Hathaway) watches as the Runway Magazine office turns upside down when it is announced that Miranda (Meryl Streep) is on her way.

  • Duration: 03:22 minutes   |   Viewed 3779 times
    The Johnson Sisters (Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin) perform "Goodbye to my Mama" during A Prairie Home Companion.

  • Duration: 1:34 minutes   |   Viewed 3709 times
    Yolanda (Meryl Streep) and G.K. (Garrison Keillor) discuss about their performance being the last show before singing on stage.

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