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Video Archive: Year 2007

  • Duration: 1:12 minutes   |   Viewed 1985 times
    Trailer for "Ocean Voyagers 3D", exploring familiar themes of motherhood and parenting in a world as unfamiliar as it is breathtaking.
  • Duration: 11:15 minutes   |   Viewed 2369 times
    January 28, 2007. Meryl Streep presents Prince Charles with the Harvard Medical School Center for Health and the Global Environment's 10th Anniversary Global Environmental Citizen Award at the Harvard Club.
  • Duration: 0:43 minutes   |   Viewed 2235 times
    November 12, 2007. Report on Christopher Reeve's A Magical Evening Gala.
  • Duration: 2:31 minutes   |   Viewed 3220 times
    November 01, 2007. Meryl Streep is interviewed by Access Hollywood to promote the theatrical release of "Lions for Lambs".
  • Duration: 14:59 minutes   |   Viewed 2040 times
    October 30, 2007. British television featurette to promote the theatrical release of "Rendition".
  • Duration: 1:00 minutes   |   Viewed 2093 times
    October 11, 2007. Report from the New York premiere of "Rendition".
  • Duration: 1:15 minutes   |   Viewed 2801 times
    February 26, 2007. Meryl Streep is interviewed on the red carpet at the 2007 Academy Awards.
  • Duration: 0:59 minutes   |   Viewed 3692 times
    February 24, 2007. Spotlight on the Best Actress nominees for 2007, including an interview with Meryl Streep at the Golden Globe Awards.
  • Duration: 00:32 minutes   |   Viewed 4380 times
    January 16, 2007. Meryl Streep is interviewed by Entertainment Tonight at the 64th Golden Globe Awards.
  • Duration: 2:00 minutes   |   Viewed 2716 times
    January 16, 2007. Meryl Streep is interviewed after winning the Golden Globe for "The Devil Wears Prada".

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