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Video Archive: Year 2008

  • Duration: 26:29 minutes   |   Viewed 3347 times
    "Ribbon of Sand" immerses visitors in the expansiveness of the seashore and its associated environments. Narrated by Meryl Streep.

  • Duration: 9:40 minutes   |   Viewed 3644 times
    November 2008. Excerpt from a conversation panel Q&A for "Doubt", featuring Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Viola Davis and Amy Adams.

  • Duration: 8:46 minutes   |   Viewed 3355 times
    September 15, 2008. Meryl Streep attends the 80th birthday party for Maurice Sendak and read one of his stories, The Sign on Rosie's Door.

  • Duration: 4:48 minutes   |   Viewed 3292 times
    August 2008. Meryl Streep attends a press conference at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

  • Duration: 3:02 minutes   |   Viewed 3396 times
    August 2008. Meryl Streep attends a photocall at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

  • Duration: 4:08 minutes   |   Viewed 4002 times
    Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep) slowly pulls out the truth about Father Flynn's (Philip Seymour Hoffman) meeting with young Donald.

  • Duration: 7:42 minutes   |   Viewed 3915 times
    Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep) accompanies the boy's mother (Viola Davis) to work, trying to convince her of her suspicion.

  • Duration: 4:02 minutes   |   Viewed 4349 times
    While Father Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman) leads a dinner with the boys, Sisters James (Amy Adams) and Beauvier (Meryl Streep) discuss their suspicions.

  • Duration: 3:13 minutes   |   Viewed 4145 times
    At an awkward, silent dinner with the sisters, Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep) raises concerns about the school.

  • Duration: 4:42 minutes   |   Viewed 4097 times
    The Winner Takes It All: Donna (Meryl Streep) and Sam (Pierce Brosnan) battle it on their way to Sophie's wedding.

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