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Video Archive: Year 2009

  • Duration: 1:25:04 minutes   |   Viewed 3638 times
    August 25, 2009. Nora Ephron, Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci talk about the making of "Julie & Julia" at the New York Times' conversation panel.

  • Duration: 14:12 minutes   |   Viewed 3398 times
    April 2009. Meryl Streep, Elaine May, Mike Nichols, Nora Ephron and Buck Henry attended a group discussion about Nichols' films.

  • Duration: 6:39 minutes   |   Viewed 5542 times
    Wes Anderson, Meryl Streep and Jason Schwartzman are interviewed on "Fantastic Mr. Fox" at the Apple Store SoHo.

  • Duration: 30:09 minutes   |   Viewed 6307 times
    February 23, 2009. Meryl Streep looks back on her career and her performances in The Deer Hunter, The Iron Woman, Out Of Africa and The Hours.

  • Duration: 3:25 minutes   |   Viewed 3984 times
    After meeting Irma (Frances Sternhagen) and learning about the business of publishing a book, Julia (Meryl Streep) arrives home and learns that someone wants to publish her book.

  • Duration: 1:43 minutes   |   Viewed 3987 times
    Paul (Stanley Tucci) admires Julia (Meryl Streep) while she cooks, not to mention her dirty mouth.

  • Duration: 2:07 minutes   |   Viewed 4189 times
    Paul (Stanley Tucci) professes his love for Julia (Meryl Streep) over Valentine's Day dinner with friends.

  • Duration: 1:20 minutes   |   Viewed 4529 times
    Jake (Alec Baldwin) gets naked - and online - in order to surprise Jane (Meryl Streep).

  • Duration: 1:58 minutes   |   Viewed 4312 times
    Jane (Meryl Streep) and Jake (Alec Baldwin) bust a few moves together at a party in front of Adam and Agnes.

  • Duration: 0:31 minutes   |   Viewed 4777 times
    Jane (Meryl Streep) and Adam (Steve Martin) see Jake (Alec Baldwin) at their children's party.

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