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Video Archive: Year 2012

  • Duration: 2:53 minutes   |   Viewed 2849 times
    Trailer for "A Fierce Green Fire", which tells stories of environmental activism - people trying to save the planet, their homes, the future.

  • Duration: 3:48 minutes   |   Viewed 5097 times
    Interview with Meryl Streep during the narration session for the IMAX documentary "To the Arctic 3D".

  • Duration: 6:38 minutes   |   Viewed 3471 times
    Featurette on "To the Arctic 3D", including a look behind the scenes of Meryl Streep narrating the IMAX documentary.

  • Duration: 2:03 minutes   |   Viewed 4548 times
    Trailer for "To The Arctic 3D", the story of one mother polar bear’s determination to keep her cubs alive in the face of natural predators and a rapidly changing climate.

  • Duration: 2:20 minutes   |   Viewed 3353 times
    Meryl Streep pays tribute to frequent collaborator, costume designer Ann Roth, at the Hamptons Film Festival.

  • Duration: 3:02 minutes   |   Viewed 3342 times
    December 2012. Meryl Streep speaks at the C2C Innovation Institute Gala.

  • Duration: 10:07 minutes   |   Viewed 3384 times
    September 21, 2012. Streep was in Bloomingdale to help raise money and awareness at the Charlie Foundation's Inaugural Gala.

  • Duration: 34:06 minutes   |   Viewed 3390 times
    August 05, 2012. David Frankel, Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carrel talk about "Hope Springs" at the Apple Store.

  • Duration: 6:29 minutes   |   Viewed 3083 times
    March 07, 2012. Meryl Streep and Phyllida Lloyd attend a photocall for "The Iron Lady" at the Tokyo Film Festival.

  • Duration: 31:53 minutes   |   Viewed 3289 times
    March 07, 2012. Meryl Streep and Phyllida Lloyd attend a press conference for "The Iron Lady" at the Tokyo Film Festival.

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