The Simply Streep Archives has gathered details on all of Meryl Streep's feature films, television, theatre and voice narration, and also features an extensive library of articles, photographs and video clips. You can browse the collection by Ms. Streep's career or through a year-by-year summary.
Aug 29

The Specials section has taken ages to be opened, now it’s finally online with a first batch of exclusive readings – detail pages on the real-living people that Meryl has portrayed in her films, Julia Child, Ethel Rosenberg, Roberta Guaspari, Lindy Chamberlain, Karen Blixen and Karen Silkwood. Each page is accompanied by pictures and lots of background information, so enjoy your read!

Throughout the years of her career, Meryl has portrayed women whose lives were not invented by screenwriters, but whose life stories have challenged, inspired and shocked the world – whistleblowers, alleged murderers, violinists or cooks of the French Cuisine. Take a closer look at the people behind the true stories, comparisons between film character and reality, accompanied by rare photographs, video clips and quotes by Meryl Streep and the people she portrayed.