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  July 19th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

The Inquirer has posted parts of the interview from this week’s “Hope Springs” press conference in Los Angeles. Meryl Streep’s cell phone rang in the middle of our recent interview at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles. Yes, the greatest living film actress is a human being rather like the rest of us, with a cell phone that rings at the most inopportune moments. “Sorry, that’s one of my kids,” Meryl said with a laugh as she searched for the ringing phone in her purse. “I just know the ring. I’m going to turn it off. Sorry.” These displays of vulnerability and artistic bravado make each conversation with the three-time Academy winner memorable. This time around, Meryl—wearing glasses, a long-sleeved white blouse, pants and a necklace accented with pearls—laughed heartily when told about our recent interview with her son-in-law, Benjamin Walker (married to Mamie Gummer, her eldest daughter). Benjamin said, “The only thing more intimidating than an international film star like Meryl Streep is your mother-in-law.” “That’s a very good line,” she remarked with an infectious smile. We asked if Benjamin, a stage and film actor (“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”) who does stand-up comedy on the side, tries his comic shtick around her and the family. “He does stand up in front of me all the time,” she replied. “He’s very funny and extremely charming. He’s really a good man and that’s all I really wanted for Mamie.” The full article can be read here.

  • Emma (EmmaLoveJen) on youtube

    Thanks for posting this article! Definitely a wonderful read.

  • John

    It’s an interview for a Philippine Daily so no, there won’t be any videos. I’d like to share how I was feeling the entire time I was reading this article — I was smiling. I felt how comfortable Meryl was and how funny the interview went. Mr. Nepales is a very gifted writer and interviewer. Apart from being a brilliant actor, Meryl blew me away with her eloquence, intelligence, and wit.

  • Sophie

    This is a nice article…thanks for sharing it! Do you know if they are going to publish a video of it? I think it would be fun to see the entire interview :-)

  • ria

    such a great inteview! Meryl’s so lovely

  • Vi Adler

    it is so nice to hear Meryl so generously talks about her son in law Ben Walker,so sweet !