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  August 1st, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

According to Deadline, actress Margo Martindale has joined the cast of August: Osage County. The Emmy winner will play the jaded sister of Meryl Streep in the feature adaptation of Tracy Letts’ family clan play. Martindale’s character is Mattie Fae Aiken, the wife of Charles Aiken, played by Chris Cooper, and the sister of Violet Weston, played by Streep. The actress will start filming in Oklahoma on September 24. Martindale won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 2011 for her role on FX’s Justified. Julia Roberts also stars in August: Osage County as Violet’s daughter Barbara. Abigail Breslin, playing Barbara’s daughter, recently joined the film, as did Juliette Lewis. John Wells is directing August: Osage County, Letts is writing the adaptation of his Pulitzer and Tony-winning play. This will be the fourth collaboration for Meryl and Margo – they worked together before on “Marvin’s Room” and “First Do No Harm” – and Margo was in “The Hours” as well, though they didn’t share scenes.

  • Tena

    Twice in the last year I cried when someone won an award…..
    Once was Meryl’s Oscar, of course, but even before that it was Margo Martindale’s Emmy win!
    Being a woman of a certain age….. just left my 40’s……. and a woman that’s had her share of weight battles…. I get a little tired of just hearing about the next “so-called” hot actress……
    Seeing real woman play real roles is what I live for!
    “Justified” is a great show but nothing was better than watching Margo Martindale eat up the screen every week!
    A well deserved award indeed!
    So far, everything abou the cast of “August: Osage County” seems like perfection!
    From Meryl to Julia to Chris to Abigail to Juliette and now Margo…… they should mint more Oscars!!
    And they might as well just go ahead and engrave their “Best Cast” SAG awards for 2014 today!! Why wait??

  • Frederik

    @ Manuel: They had a few scenes in the beginning, as Margo Martindale played Hank’s doctor in the mental institution. Thanks for reminding me of “The Hours” ;-)

  • Manuel

    Did they actually share a scene in “Marvin’s room”? If not (which I think is the case), you could argue that they “shared” a third film as well (“The Hours”).

  • rick

    I love this cast … except for Julia Roberts. I wish Laura Linney had gotten the role.